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"Whoever said money didn't buy happiness didn't know where to shop."

title:it's all in the cause for my g.o.o.d. love
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4:53 PM
Friday, April 16, 2010
i've moved.

if you really wanna know where i am now,  you'd better run

title:the love that the world offers would not always stay by my side
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9:41 PM
Friday, April 9, 2010

well- i don't really know what to say. this year's sports carnival was a stupid complete disappointment.
i could've wasted my three hours in a better way rather than sitting in the hall and watching some movie.
though the movie was extremely touching and motivating.

all i can say was that today was a complete emotional rollercoaster for me.
i didn't even realise that a person is capable of feeling so many things in the same day.

thanks singyee for reminding me! haha, you're awesome!

title:I don’t want to get hurt, but what will we do with my love struck heart?
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10:10 PM
Sunday, April 4, 2010

Look at the gorgeous chocolate, tempting isn't it? ;)
My awesome dad just bought it back from Macau just now!
It's amazing how my parents seem to know exactly what I want without me telling them.
Like, the other day I was telling Singyee how much I wanted to eat dried apples, 'cause it was like potato chips but instead was a much healthier option.
Then that very afternoon, a bag of dried apples appeared on my dining table, which left me shocked. That was kinda creepy. Haha.
Then I was telling my sisters and my friends how much I'd kill for Godiva chocolates, and the next thing I know, my dad comes home with a Platinium collection of it.
Trust me, the first bite of that chocolate is like heaven. But the price was pretty hefty. It's still worth it nonetheless!

I'm so not in the mood to study globalisation. Nothing seems to be getting into my head now.
I think it's an after-effect of those chocolates.

This coming week is gonna be pretty hectic for me, and it will also seriously cut down the time I have to head over to the gym.
If I don't go, I'll be wasting my own money. Which irritates me, alot. It's not as if we'd do something useful and beneficial while we're in ASP or something.
The Physics ASP last week was simply a waste of time. The teacher should've just printed out the answers to the worksheet and shove it in our faces.

I have so many things that I wanna get done when the June holidays come around.
Annnnd there's this crazy need to save up loads of money, 'cause there's so many things that I wanna do, but so little money D;
I also want a polaroid camera! Ugh, things nowadays seem to suck the money out of me recently.

p/s I can't wait for B2ST Almighty to show on MTV & for people to get it subbed.

Hyunseung & Yoseob! ♥

Did I mention how awesome Yoseob and Hyunseung looked? Check out from 0:53 for Hyunseung's part! (How can someone sing and dance so well at the same thing plus looking incredible?) And from 1:15 for Yoseob's part! (God, his vocals are heavenly. Plus, he looks uber cute!)

It's so cute to see their laidback selves after watching their super hot breathtaking performance!